Discover what's 'In The Bag'

Provenance, craftsmanship and stories…All packed in a large durable natural 100% cotton canvas Straight to the Source market bag. Every item is wrapped individually and nestled beautifully into the bag. Here’s what you will find inside:

Pino's Dolce Vita classic handmade salami infused with Garlicious Grown black garlic and Moojepin Foods dried saltbush (270g): We have worked with Pino and Michael to create this bespoke salami to be sliced and enjoyed during the festive season. Enjoy the specks of fermented black garlic and the hints of dried saltbush - it’s delicious. Traditional techniques and dedication to the craft of charcuterie is the backbone of Pino’s Dolce Vita. They make over 100 types of handmade Italian sausages and salami, in addition to their quality butchery and gorgeous Italian café. Kogarah, NSW. 

Brother Mountain Macadamias roasted salted nuts in a cloth bag (200g): A classic favourite of ours, delicious and nutritious macadamia nuts from their 2021 harvest are roasted and lightly salted with Mount Zero pink lake salt. They grow and harvest seasonal macadamias from their family farm nestled between the Brother Mountains on the Mid-North Coast of NSW. Each and every macadamia nut in this hamper can be traced back to the family farm – proudly single origin, Australian grown. North Coast, NSW. 

ALTO Olives Robust extra virgin olive oil (250ml): Next is one of our favourite oils for making mayo, adding character to salad dressings or finishing off a ragu. Made from a blend of traditional Tuscan olive varieties including Frantoio and Leccino, this is a distinctive rich, fresh and fruity Extra Virgin oil. ALTO Olives, a dynamic father daughter duo producing a diverse portfolio of exceptional quality Extra Virgin Olive Oils and Table Olives. Southern Tablelands, NSW.

Morella Grove Cranberry Cherry Jam (260g): We’ve chosen their Cranberry and Cherry jam as it’s festive as well as incredibly versatile and punchy in flavour. It goes great on a cheese board or toast and is the perfect accompaniment to baste your duck or turkey with. Enjoy a dollop on pancakes or mix with a little EVOO to make a zesty salad dressing. It’s firm when you open the jar which is perfect for keeping its shape when served, however, give it a bit of warmth and it melts into whatever it’s served with. Morella Grove is a family-owned and operated farm in the Riverina producing a delicious range of gourmet condiments and sauces, as well as award-winning Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Riverina, NSW. 

Salumi Australia coriander & chilli coppiette (2 pack): For our hamper, Salumi Australia have created a special two-pack coppiette loaded with flavour. This seasoned and air dried Australian pork, is similar to a jerky, a salty snack which goes perfectly with a cold drink. Salumi Australia is an artisan maker of Italian style, preserved meats that are slow aged in the Byron Hinterland. North Coast, NSW. 

Singing Magpie Produce premium sun-dried Riverland fruit melange including white figs from their family orchard and a special hand-dipped chocolate Genoa fig (100g): Enjoy a mixed bag of their current Riverland produce including sun dried apricots, peaches, quince, white genoa figs, pears and a hand dipped delicious semi sun-dried black genoa fig. The farm turns 100 years old this year and on this family property in the Riverland of South Australia premium sun dried fruit and pecans are grown. Riverland, SA. 

Mount Zero Olives lemon & thyme marinated olives (50g) AND Mount Zero Olives rosemary & native pepper olives (50g): During our last trip to Melbourne we visited Mount Zero and were privileged to be there when they were creating the flavours and the brine combinations for these signature olives. We were among the first to taste them and now it’s your turn. All of Mount Zero's olives are hand-picked and brine-cured, using the traditional Greek method of fermentation in water, salt and a splash of vinegar. Mount Zero Olives is a family-owned olive grove three hours west of Melbourne on the northern edge of the Grampians National Park in Victoria, Australia. The Grampians, VIC. 

Kennedy Farm Produce popcorn on the cob with bag (1 each): The home of popping corn! We are so excited to share this product with you. Their popcorn on the cob is grown on their family farm. It’s sun dried, hand-picked and packaged ready to pop in the microwave. Step-by-step instructions are listed on the swing tag and a reusable popping bag is included. This is the best popcorn. Australian-owned family farming business passionate about sustainable farming & growing great produce. They also grow chickpeas and lentils. Goulburn, VIC. 

Women's Work spicy green tomato relish (330g): We love this green tomato relish dolloped on a potato salad over summer, or with fresh prawns on Christmas day. Based on great-granny Ida's Green Tomato Relish, the master recipe has been lovingly tweaked with a hint of chilli. The result is a more savoury relish, slight tartness from firm green tomatoes and the heat from the chilli nicely warming your mouth too. This combination bringing out those sweet and sour notes we love. ‘Made like a Boss’ is their slogan and they mean business! These makers of small-batch, artisan preserves and relishes are made naturally, locally and sustainably using recipes perfected over time by generations of creative, clever women. Sydney + Surrounds, NSW. 

Latasha's Kitchen beetroot horseradish relish (320g): Large strands of bright vibrant beetroot combine with fresh horseradish in this small batch relish that pairs perfectly with grilled seafood, meats and vegetables. It’s also a fantastic addition to sandwiches, rolls, burgers and all kinds of salad. Latasha's Kitchen products are Australian-made and crafted using only the best local fresh ingredients and premium imported dried herbs and spices. Perth + Surrounds, WA. 

Black Betty Bam umami spread (250g): Wait until you try this, you’ll be hooked like us. Black Betty Bam is a plant-based, gluten free, umami rich spread born in Byron Bay. Made by Chef and nutritionist Samantha Gowing, Black Betty Bam can be spread on toast, your favourite crackers, in antipasto, through eggs or served with roast meats or vegetables. Made in Australia using certified organic ingredients where possible. It’s high in Vitamin B1, B2, B3, B12 and a source of Vitamin B6 with no added sugar. North Coast, NSW

Uniquely Martin Boetz sweet soy mirin dressing (250ml): Premier release - be the first to experience a very delicious sweet soy-mirin dressing from acclaimed chef Martin Boetz. Great as a marinade, dressing or dipping sauce. Balanced and stunning! Martin Boetz is an award-winning Sydney chef who has accumulated 36 chefs’ hats during his restaurant career. Martin’s masterful, contemporary and unique spin on Thai and Southern Chinese cooking has redefined modern Asian cuisine. Martin will soon be releasing a range of products and we could not be more excited. The Hawkesbury, NSW.

Gumnut Chocolate’s chocolate chip biscuits (160g): Now for the sweet tooth. Handmade marbled chocolate and vanilla shortbread studded with dark and white chocolate chips. Australian hand-crafted artisan biscuits and chocolates with an innovative twist. Made with love in Sydney, NSW.

Perfect South Houjicha Australian-grown green loose-leaf tea (100g canister): Chosen because it’s a team favourite in the office, Houjicha is soothing and delicious. A flavoursome and comforting roasted tea with a nutty, toasty finish. The flavours are balanced, smooth and diverse. Feeling creative, we think this tea would work beautifully in a crème brulee for budding dessert makers. Perfect South Australian green tea grown in the Alpine Valleys of North East Victoria and crafted using authentic Japanese methods. High Country, VIC.

Solomons Gold chocolate mint organic artisan chocolate (55g), and, Solomons Gold cocoa nib organic artisan chocolate (55g): We think these are some of the best chocolate bars you will ever eat. Made to order for our hamper. Dark Mint 70% cacao bar with a refreshing mint aroma. This is so much more than an after-dinner treat! Dark chocolate with the crunch of cacao nib! Packed full of antioxidants and superfood goodness. Rich chocolate with a buttery feel and toasted notes that are enhanced with the crunch of cacao nibs. Using ethically sourced cacao beans from the pristine Solomon Islands, this community focused company handcrafts delicious single-origin chocolate and cacao bars. Made in New Zealand and Australian owned. Bay of Plenty, NZ.

Herbie's Spices “A Pinch of Christmas” fragrant sweet spice (50g jar): We’ve known Ian Hemphill for 20 years and he’s an absolute expert in the field of herbs and spices. This fragrant sweet spice is a blend of spices that are generally used in sweet baking, such as fruit cakes, shortbread biscuits and fruit pies. It's also lovely added to porridge or pancake batter (popular with Herbie’s grandchildren. We love it mixed with salt or sugar and added to the rim of a cocktail glass. Herbie’s Spices is a family owned spicery based in Charmhaven, NSW. They provide a diverse range of quality dried herbs, spices and unique, all-natural spice blends to home cooks and chefs alike. Central Coast, NSW. 

Food&HeartCo. golden corner goodness seedy snack bar (65g): A wholesome wholegrain bar of goodness made with seeds, kernels, berries and Australian sultanas nestled in organic brown rice puffs and quinoa puffs, and finished with a dusting of cinnamon. In 2020, Food&HeartCo. was created by Rowie Dillon; cookbook author, baker and entrepreneur of Rowie’s Cakes, a renowned kitchen that baked wheat-, yeast-, gluten- and dairy-free products. Fuelled by a palate for desserts and treats and all things about food that are Heart; that is good for you and for our World; Rowie created Food&HeartCo. Northern Beaches, NSW. 

Pundi Produce native dried river mint (30g): Last but most certainly not least, a newly released ingredient that has us very excited. An Australian native herb with the taste and aroma of spearmint. Versatile and intense, enjoy as a tea, added to roast lamb, in sauces or to simply freshen up a salad. River mint is known to support digestion thanks to its menthol properties. Tawnya suggests adding a little to your next batch of chocolate brownies, for a delicious twist on the classic treat. Pundi Produce offers organically-grown native fruit, vegetables and herbs cultivated in a sustainable way. Grown at an aquaponic farm at Monash, a town located in the sun-drenched Riverland region of South Australia. Pundi Produce is also about celebrating the food’s cultural heritage and making a difference for indigenous youth living in the community. Monash, SA.